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GP/Studio | Woods Square

This is our unique studio featuring a blend of modern, Japandi, and warm wood tones.

At the entrance, a curved design partition ensures ample privacy while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. The entryway also includes a small display area, perfect for showcasing design elements and welcoming clients.


A comprehensive materials library lines one wall, offering clients an enhanced experience of material selection and display. This library is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making it easier for clients to visualize and choose materials for their projects.


A distinctive semicircular meeting table serves as the centerpiece of the conference area, providing a unique and engaging space for discussions and presentations. This design element is both stylish and practical, facilitating creative collaboration.


The pantry area is designed to be functional, providing a convenient space for refreshments and informal gatherings. This area is seamlessly integrated into the overall design, ensuring it complements the studio's aesthetic.


The office area is semi-open, balancing privacy and collaboration. This layout fosters a dynamic work environment, encouraging creativity and interaction among team members.

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